Master Your Writing Genius – Part Three – Master Your Destiny

In Parts One and Two of this blog I covered the experience of the Master Your Writing Genius 7 day workshop, and the experience of Africa.

In Part Three I am going to share about the turning point in my life that was the ‘Master Your Destiny’ workshop with William Whitecloud.

Master Your Destiny Workshop – What is it?

William when he put the Master Your Writing Genius on in Africa made the decision to run it back to back with Master Your Destiny (MYD). We had 25 of the writers stay to do MYD, and we had five new participants who came to Africa to do MYD stand alone, so there were 30 of us in total.

MYD Group

MYD is the first in a series of Life Mastery workshops that William has assembled as a curriculum for those wishing to dive deep into practical immersions to learn the principles of mastery and living your destiny in life.

William has been a teacher of life mastery for two decades, and is a committed student of life.

William is a fascinating congruent embodiment of interesting contrasts. His work embodies an understanding of metaphysical and shamanic principles as they apply to creation, yet he has the rigor of a scientist in being grounded and only stating what he knows to be well supported premises. He has a great sense of humour and satirical wit second to none, and the ‘out there’ end of ‘woo woo’ or those obsessed with that in an ungrounded way are often the subject of his jokes.

So what is ‘Master Your Destiny’ about? There are seven premises taught and experienced in Master Your Destiny:

  • Your focus creates your reality
  • Aspects of Consciousness
  • Belief Creates Reality
  • Tension Seeks Resolution
  • Definition Creates Perception
  • Individuation
  • Vibration

Around these premises William has created tools and experiences to create an immersion that brings a deep understanding of the creative process, and how our beliefs block it when we don’t fully understand the process.

At the heart of the creative process is the tension that is created when you create a vision that is set apart from your current reality and your beliefs. It takes will to hold that tension unresolved. We face choice points every day with regard to our vision. At the point we can make a choice that honours our vision, or we can make a choice in favour of our limiting beliefs or our current reality. If you could watch your day through this lense you would see hundreds of choice points about your time, what you prioritise, what you choose to believe. Even the most conscious and aware of us sail across the top of a vast majority of these choice points not even recognising we made a choice.

When you can bring awareness to your choices, and always act choosing in favour of your vision, the tension between your vision and your current reality can only resolve in favour of your vision.

There is no way that the few words I can share about Master Your Destiny can land in a way that compares to the seven day immersion we experienced in Africa. But I hope I can convey a sense of the innate wisdom this body of work contains.


We spent a good deal of time exploring the beliefs we hold and the role they play in every single thing we do in life.

Our core beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world are formed from womb to age 4.

One of my earliest memories that I have rarely shared came to have a great deal of meaning for my understanding of my beliefs. I was a gifted child on some levels, and in ways that were not those that the world typically applauds like sport or just straight genius. My way of being me was not a way that my parents encouraged, as it could mean I may not ‘fit in’ or that I might ‘draw attention to myself’. Thus I was taught to conform, and the beliefs I came to develop were that it wasn’t safe to be my real self.

I have always been slow to make a strong first impression. People love me when they have truly got to know me, but they don’t feel comfortable at first and I’ve never fully understood that. Through the genuinely insightful processes at MYD I came to see that my behaviour in a new environment or around new people has always been to hold back, to work out ‘how it is around here’ so I know ‘how real can I be here’.

As a small child my response to my parent’s reaction to me was to shut down certain parts of me. They were parts of me I could have dearly used, but these are the choices we make as a baby in a cot, and which we then roll out as a frame of reference in everything we face in life. I have no charge for my parents role in the interactions that brought about my beliefs. They were 20 something and doing the best they knew how.

Other participants shaped their beliefs by things as simple as being left in a cot to scream. But as we shared and as we examined any event in our lives where we gave our power away, or had a problem, there at the heart of the situations were the belief’s of a two year old showing up as the guiding principle in the life of a 40 or 50 year old.

Beliefs cannot be changed overnight and fighting them in fact has the opposite effect. But if they are seen through awareness, acknowledged, and then if the power is put in choosing in favour of your vision, their impact can be neutralised.


Once you understand that your supposed reality is actually a set of beliefs made up by a two year old, it opens the door to the creative and intuitive world.

In both MYWG and MYD we did extensive work creating a place of innocence or neutrality, which we then populated with our intuitive and creative expression from our inner genius and saw how those abilities can be put to powerful use as a creator.

I can barely express the profundity of the wisdom that came to me through my own creativity and intuition and from being the recipient of gifts from the other participants in the workshop through the group work that constituted more than half of our time together. When wrapped up with the work we did with William understanding the creative principles, the complete package has created a turning point in my life.
Tom Intuition

Realisations are Cheap, Action Creates Success

One principle it is important to recognise is that ‘realisations are cheap’. My life will change by what I do differently following MYD and MYWG. The good news there is William shared a range of practices that he recommended become daily practices to create awareness around choices in favour of the Visions we created in our Land of Plenty exercise.

I bring home with me from Africa, new awareness’s, ways of seeing, and importantly a commitment to living using the tools to create the world that has always been my destiny and that makes my heart sing when I think of it. I choose to act in favour of my vision and to live aware of every choice point.

For those who might feel inspired to work with William, you can connect with him here:

You can find William’s books on Amazon here:

Ura P Auckland
Writer & Business Coach


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