Good culture, its simple: Strong values and walk your talk without exception

I just read a very short and rather wise blog by Richard Branson, here:

Richard Branson

I would like to add some equally short and incisive comments about culture, which is one of my passions and an absolute focus of my work, through which gold standard results are achieved.

I agree with Richard, good culture isn’t a magic formula, but it is all too rare.

For me it’s about congruence in strong values and the leaders walking the talk, and it’s starts with the board, the CEO and the management.

It’s about truly walking your talk in every action and decision at every level. There can’t be exceptions.

That starts with walking your talk in life. Your whole ‘being’ needs to walk through the door at work, and an unbalanced incongruent ‘being’ at home will be no different at work.

The more we become values centered people who walk our talk in life, the more it will transform the places we work, and in turn the way they impact our communities.

Ura P Auckland
Business Coach &
Social Entrepreneur

Managing Director
Authegrity Pty Ltd

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