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Time in my life is a precious thing, as is inner peace. I have decided to implement a commenting and discussion publication policy on my blog after striking some of the usual aggression and insulting energy so common on certain topics in the comments on one of my posts this week.shutterstock_115219618-2

My policy now is as follows:

  1. I consider the stewardship of my blog a responsibility I take seriously. Therefore blog comments go into a queue for publishing approval.  I reserve the right to decide based on all the factors in this policy whether a comment contributes to the discussion in a healthy respectful way.
  2. From time to time I am involved in events that take me out of internet contact, so it could at times be up to a week before I have the opportunity to review comments and make a decision as to whether to Publish them or delete them.
  3. Until approved and published, comments will not appear on the blog.
  4. Alternative opinions are generally welcomed if expressed respectfully with a genuine intent to inform, and in a manner that honors all of the elements of this policy.
  5. Posts should extend respect to both the blogger and other commenters. Using the old football analogy ‘Play the ball, not the man ( /woman )’.
  6. Any post which is sarcastic, insulting, or which in my opinion as the owner of this blog goes out of the way to misunderstand will be deleted, as will any previous comments in a string.
  7. Posts from persons who do not use full names, and whose profiles give no clue as to whether there is a real person behind the post will if they are by my judgement potentially mischievous be deleted. My legal name is the one I use in all forms of social media and I put my professional reputation on the line. I have respect for those who stand behind their opinions. I am very aware that there are issues with vested interests that use fake personas, so if a poster is anonymous and aggressive and I have any doubts I will delete the post.
  8. I have limited hours in a day and responding to comments is not something I can commit extensive time to. If I feel a commenter has touched on an important issue, I will respond in the string or possibly blog on the subject, but please don’t feel insulted if I am not able to get back to you with a response.
  9. I will always endeavour in my blogs to be conscious and kind and extend respect. I am genuinely interested in interactions with others who communicate that way irrespective of their opinion.
  10. I will only approve comments that in my opinion as the owner of the blog contribute to a healthy and respectful discussion on the points being made by the blog. Please resist the temptation to flood the comments with external content on other aspects of an issue. Even if the content is something I find interesting or agree with, my intention is to approve only comments that are on topic with the aspects of an issue I have chosen to blog about. If related issues are important to you, you have the opportunity to create your own blog. I can highly recommend blogging, mine has reached just short of one in one thousand of the people in my country. Its a powerful way to reach people and touch their hearts and minds.
  11. Occasionally some commenters are dismissive when they feel something is not proven to their satisfaction. I am an intuitive person, and a blog by definition is ‘an opinion piece’. I don’t need to provide links to evidence for every conclusion I draw. I am sharing my opinion and those who resonate with my opinion have the opportunity to decide what conclusions they will draw and whether they would like to do further research.
  12. I will reference my research where I can, but one of my pet hates is those who misuse the scientific method to argue that if something is not proven or referenced then it does not exist or is not worthy of discussion. Many of the greatest scientific minds have been those who form hypotheses using intuition. Sadly our world usually gives the Nobel Prize to the ones who come along 100 years later once the hypothesis has become easier to prove with improved measurement systems, without much acknowledgment to the genesis of the hypothesis  (To learn more about that phenomena read Bill Bryson’s ‘A short history of nearly everything‘).
  13. Based on all of the above, I reserve the right to not approve any comment and put it in the ‘deleted bucket’ based on all of the above and reserving proprietary rights over the blog. Therefore I would suggest people do not invest extensive time writing lengthy comments that may not be approved. Again those passionate about writing could do well to create their own blog.

You can find me on LinkedIn if you have an interest to make contact after reading any of my blogs where your intention is for a positive interaction.


Ura P Auckland
Social Entrepreneur &
Business Coach

Managing Director
Authegrity Pty Ltd

A 'Do It Yourself" Online Marketing Journey

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