Searching for truth amid the lies and avoiding the derogatory label Conspiracy Theorist


Have you ever seen evidence of lies or manipulations from a politician, people in government, or covert government agencies? Well, there are a great many on public record.

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Here are a few:

Operation Gladio

Protocols committing the secret services of NATO member states to work to prevent communist parties from coming to power in Western Europe. Here’s a link that describes Operation Gladio in more detail.

Operation Northwoods

A declassified plan by the Joint Chiefs of the US Military to create fake events as a pretext to attack Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Here are two links with relevant information on Operation Northwoods, the first on Wikipedia and the second on the George Washington University site.


As a baby boomer I grew up with this one on the evening news and all over the newspapers, when US President Richard Nixon was responsible for break-in, wire-taps, and coverups that need little introduction.

The scandal is well covered on wikipedia.

In the case of Watergate two ‘real journalists’ in Woodward & Bernstein brought the story to the people. Sadly the mainstream media now very rarely exhibits real journalism or a search for truth. However the world’s people through the internet and social media have found ways to share information on a massive scale. In this environment the people are more and more calling the government and corporations on their spin, lies and manipulation.

Awareness Increasing of Spin and Untruth

It is reaching a stage where large parts of the population are now more informed and where their consciousness in exactly the way Malcolm Gladwell describes in his book ‘Blink’, can spot the lies intuitively and they start digging for the inevitable inconsistencies in the ‘official story’.

Those who ‘spin for a living’ don’t like this trend. So they use a term to describe those who can spot their lies. The term is ‘Conspiracy Theorist’. And they use a related term to label any challenges to ‘official stories’. That term is ‘Conspiracy Theory’.

The connotation is a negative one, and the terms have almost invariably been used to paint pictures of paranoid delusional agoraphobic crazy people, who think everyone is out to get them.

Sadly there are parts of the community who are over-zealous in the extent to which they imply actions by those who create the spin, and sometimes their over-zealousness goes way too far. In this over-zealousness they have done those who create the spin a huge service because it has made it very easy to create the stereotype and have people believe in it.

Thus the conscious people who see through the lies in the spin find themselves reluctant to do anything that might get them labelled as a ‘Conspiracy-Nutter’.

I awoke this morning to see a link on Facebook to a NY Times article on some research into ‘Why Rational People Buy Into Conspiracy Theories’.

Like most mainstream media material, the article clearly argues a slant and starts with the premise that conspiracy theories are ‘crazy’. It then offers all kinds of psychological analysis to understand why rational people believe in conspiracy theories.

I’d like to add another reason. Because there are still too many people in public office who lie, and to a conscious person who understands that, it stands out a mile away.


For those who have recognised that lies are being used to manipulate us, it is easy to become so passionate about defeating the lies, that we ‘take a position’.

The effect of ‘taking a position’ is that our argument gets put in a box and labelled. Sometimes as a conspiracy theorist, and sometimes as an ‘anti-xxxxx person’.

When we become known for delivering credible research, verifiable facts, and taking a balanced position, people listen. Its about credibility.

Many people have forgotten or were never trained in critical thinking skills. I know people who believe everything they read in the mainstream newspapers including the most blatantly biased regurgitated media releases of vested interests.

When we demonstrate critical thinking skills, when we are careful with the materials we share to ensure they have the credibility we wish to have ourselves, then we stand out, we awaken questioning of the lies in others, and we remain a credible and trusted source that is listened to, not dismissed.


The other element of building credibility in the spreading of truth is to come from a place of heart.

It is easy to get angry over being lied to or manipulated. But our best work as writers does not come from a place of anger. Anger will say whatever it needs to in order to feel better. The ‘writing piece’ from that place serves the anger, but does not reach the reader.

I have learned that my best writing comes from a place of calm, a place of heart, where I am reflective, and where I am coming from a place of stepping outside of the problem. From this place I see more clearly, I find deeper wisdom, I can step outside the illusion that the creators of spin have generated as a distraction, and see the real issues over which there can be no debate, which is why the spin doctors were seeking to avoid them.

What serves all of humanity is conscious conversations searching for truth and truly facing the issues in this world that need attention. Illusion has no place in a world serious about addressing its problems.


Ura P Auckland
Conscious Commerce & Conscious Governance
Advocate & Advisor

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