Boat People are a Gift and a Sign

I give thanks today for an interaction that called me to reflect more deeply on my position on so called Boat People. It isn’t that I have till now lacked a position, I have been very clear that I don’t agree with exporting them to asylum camps, and that we have a duty of care to treat any person with dignity and fairness.


Yet clearly politicians on both sides struggle with producing working outcomes when they become the person responsible for dealing with the issue. Why is that?

The more life I live, the more wisdom I see in an authentic approach to life, and I don’t just mean in my personal life. I have proven the principles very soundly in my personal life, and they have brought me great peace and happiness. But they apply equally in every aspect of life and the worlds most genuinely sustainably successful people live these principles. An authentic approach to life, to business, and to governance, brings results.

As an individual when I am presented with someone who triggers me, I have learned that those situations are my learning opportunity. If I look at what is coming up for me, if I am in a triggered space, then my experience tells me that I have something in my outlook or beliefs or energy that needs adjusting, so that I can then approach the situation in a way that honours me and the other person.

I argue that the Boat People are that lesson for those of us in the west.

The words of our politicians, and their results are hollow, because they are not recognising that the Boat People are a truth that needs to be spoken.

None of our politicians and very few in the electorate are truly looking within to ask “What am I being shown in this situation?” They are the individual who is denying the problem, the inner voice, the nudge from the universe.

It is very clear. The ‘Boat People’ far from a big problem are an infinitesimally small window into how bad life is in other parts of this planet, and that is both a big problem, and a planetary embarrassment.

As an individual when I am presented with a triggering, when I look within, and then with courage speak my truth about what can sometimes be a seemingly insurmountable problem in my life, my experience is that I am shown a path to the solution. When I voice the truth and get to the heart of the problem, creative solutions arise. If I refuse to speak the truth I will never find real solutions, how can it be otherwise?

It is time for our political leaders to start having these real conversations, to acknowledge what the ‘Boat People’ are saying on behalf of the millions of people enduring what they are running from.

Solutions begin with admitting the problem. Those who run from the problem are asking the universe for ever bigger signs of what is wrong. In life as an individual I have always regretted insisting on bigger more dramatic signs that a problem needs addressing, that usually has created a far more painful transition through recognition to solution.

So I say thank you ‘Boat People’, I am ready to own the truth about our world with you as my sign. I prefer you as my sign than the increase in terrorists, or war-lords that will come if I continue to ignore you.

My values are probably a little different to many in mainstream society, as I come from a framework that acknowledges each of our sovereign rights as a soul that has landed on a vast planet in a particular place, and on a moral level has no obligation to accept others imposition of restrictions over me so long as I remain self-sufficient and respectful of the sovereign rights of all other sovereign beings.

My values say that as a sovereign being I have a right to much more freedom of movement around our planet.

Who am I to judge that another man or woman should not come to the shores I was born upon? Who am I to judge whether their country serves their life?  Who am I to judge that they must stay in their country because it is at peace, when it is drought stricken, poor, and offers them no hope of a fruitful life? Who am I to say its OK to leave millions of people scrambling to survive in an existence I would not swap with them? How would I want to be treated if suddenly my country became a place my soul could no longer bear to be?

I look at every one of us on this planet as a soul to be honoured and deserving of respect. Equally though, while personal sovereignty proclaims my right to freedom, the contract of sovereignty is also to do no harm and not to impose upon another unnecessarily.

I do believe that an immigrant coming to this country should be expected to be in service, to earn their food, earn their shelter, and to integrate as a functioning member of the community adding value to the country they wish to call home, but I am glad to help them make that transition from what they have stepped out of into this productive space.

In my opinion, Australia’s problem as with most political issues is that it operates at the symptom level and refuses to go deep and truly understand. “We have a Boat Person” they say, “Where shall we park the boat person?” We allocate extraordinary amounts of money on sticking the boat person on an island out of sight.

We need to begin with the truth. If we actually begin speaking the truth I see a path to some pretty extraordinary solutions for our world. The truth is that we have seeds, we have water, we have human capacity, and we have manufacturing capacity. There is hardly a problem we cannot solve if we will speak the truth.

The challenge is that the truth will uncover the real illusions in our world. The politicians don’t want to admit that economics, global credit and the money supply are the greatest illusion in the history of the world. Poverty can be eliminated in a five minute meeting with an agreement to eliminate or reset the money system. Poverty is a game of monopoly that is near the end where only the banker and one player have any money, and its as artificial as the rules of Monopoly, and we are seeing it in Greece, in Spain. Norway on the other hand did speak some truth re the banking  system and did something of reset starting a fresh game again.

Speak the truth and not only can the apparent problems be solved, my experience has shown me that the problems were an illusion waiting to be disolved by the truth.

Ura P Auckland
Advocate & Advisor – Conscious Commerce & Conscious Governance
Authegrity Pty Ltd

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Image Attributions:

  1. Vietnamese Boat People – Thuyền nhân VN‘ by manhhai on FLIKR licensed by CC BY 2.0

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